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Alumni Fund
Round One 2022

Our first year of the Alumni Fund saw fierce competition with an exceptionally high standard of applicants and teams. 


- The Ordeal 
(Harry Jackson & Tom Abbosh) 

- Chickenshit 
(Ellie Rogers & Peter Riches) 

- Where the fuck is my Husband's Penis 
(Chole Brown, Niamh Farelley & Will Gething) 

- Realness with a Twist 
(David Giles & Charlie Jenkins) 

- The Death of Ian Basic 
(Karin Kavanagh, Gwen Sena & Ilana Gerrard)


- Chickenshit 
(Ellie Rogers & Peter Riches) 

- Realness with a Twist 
(David Giles & Charlie Jenkins) 

(Guest Awarding Panellist's:
Amy Mobley & Jess Loveland)


At the height of summer, two rowdy young boys spend the afternoon tearing through the countryside. But when they come across an electric fence a competitive game sparks something unexpected within them. 


Realness with a Twist 

A talented footballer must come to terms with his identity, when his secret passion for Voguing collides with his teammates’ disapproval. 


Development Workshops 

BFS Funding Futures has provided bespoke development workshops, with coach Kate Maxwell, for the runner-ups of Round One of the Alumni Fund. Kate has been working with the teams of 'The Ordeal', 'W.T.F.I.M.H.P' and 'The Death of Ian Basic'. The aim of the workshops is to support the filmmakers with their personal career and funding next steps, be that to further develop the project they applied to the scheme with or a new project. 

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Developmet Workshops
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