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Terms & Conditions


  • AUB = Arts University Bournemouth – the funding body

  • BFS = Bournemouth Film School – the group under AUB that will run the funding scheme (Funding Futures)      

  • Funding Futures = The name of the funding scheme run by Arts University Bournemouth under Bournemouth Film School

  • Alumni Fund = The name of the specific fund under the Funding Futures scheme

  • Alumni = Refers to the group of people this scheme is open to. This is those that are alumni of Bournemouth Film School at Arts University Bournemouth courses/disciplines and prior designations of Arts University Bournemouth: Arts University College Bournemouth; Arts Institute Bournemouth; Bournemouth & Poole College of Art & Design

  • Non-Alumni = Refers to the group of people that don’t fall under the proceeding definition of Alumni

  • Lead Team = The lead person(s) on a submitted application for consideration of the Alumni Fund

  • Lead Applicant = A nominated person from the Lead Team

  • HoD = Head of Department roles (Director, Producer, Writers, DoP, Production Designer, Sound Recordist, Editor, Post-Sound, Costume Designer, Lead Make-up etc.)

  • Awardee/Award Winner = The winning recipient of the fund

(1) General

​1.1 AUB, through the Bournemouth Film School (BFS), has agreed to establish BFS Funding Futures, which is a scheme to support the development of our alumni, and the wider creative community, in the making of films, live performances or hybrid projects. 


1.2 BFS Funding Futures has made every effort to ensure that the information presented is accurate at the time of publication.  We reserve the right to review, suspend or cancel the scheme, or to revise the associated policies, if this becomes necessary through unforeseen circumstances beyond our reasonable control.


1.3 If BFS Funding Futures has reason to believe there has been a breach of these terms and conditions, it may, at its sole discretion, reserve the right to exclude those deemed responsible for this breach from participating in the competition.

(2) Application

2.1 Submissions of the application and supporting documents opens from 4th October 2023 15.00 (GMT) and closes 29th November 2023 23.59 (GMT).  This closing date may be extended if BFS Funding Futures deems this to be appropriate.

2.2 Only one application per ‘Director’ may be submitted.


2.3 Applications must be submitted using the entry form.  All applications must be supported by the materials referred to in the entry form.

2.4 There is no entry fee.


2.5 Entries must be completed in the English language.

2.6 The entry form includes the core information about the proposal.  BFS Funding Futures may request additional information from applicants where this is necessary to reach a final decision about the application.

2.7 All applications are made at the applicant’s own risk. BFS Funding Futures will not be liable for loss, damage or costs arising directly or indirectly from the application process.

2.8 BFS Funding Futures will not process applications which are incomplete, or which do not comply with these guidelines.  It is therefore essential that applicants review the entry form and supporting documents carefully prior to submission.

2.9 If your application has been previously declined by any BFS Funding Futures scheme, unless there has been substantial evidence of a significant change to your original proposal, you will not be able to resubmit.

(3) Eligibility

​3.1 The Alumni Fund is open to:


  • All alumni from the Bournemouth Film School (at AUB) collection of courses/disciplines. These include Film Production; Animation Production; Visual Effects (VFX) for Film & Television; Performance Design & Film Costume; Costume; Make-up for Media & Performance; Acting; Dance; Creative Writing

  • The Alumni Fund is also open to alumni filmmakers of prior designations of Arts University Bournemouth: Arts University College Bournemouth; Arts Institute Bournemouth; Bournemouth & Poole College of Art & Design


3.2 There can be a maximum of 4 Lead team members. One Lead Team Member must be nominated as the Lead Applicant. The Lead Applicant must be Alumni and ideally the role of Producer.

3.3 The Lead Applicant must reside in the United Kingdom. The remaining Lead Team members do not need to reside in the United Kingdom.

3.4 Head of Department (HoD) roles (Director, Producer, Writers, DoP, Production Designer, Sound Recordist, Editor, Post-Sound, Costume Designer, Lead Make-up etc) should ideally be made up of Alumni. 


3.5 A maximum of 4 HoD roles (excluding Producer) can be populated by Non-Alumni.  Applications with a higher proportion of AUB alumni will be considered favourably when reaching funding decisions.


3.6 There is no limit to Non-Alumni in roles beyond HoD.

3.7 Non-Alumni and their roles should be clearly identified in the application.

3.8 Successful applicants will be required to open a number of trainee and minor-roles to current students of Bournemouth Film School (at AUB).

(4) The Award

4.1 The winner of the Funding Award will receive £5,000 in cash and the following in-kind contributions:

  • Access to equipment throughout June 2024 (for a maximum of 10 days) 

  • Access to post-production facilities throughout July & August 2024.

The schedule for each of these contributions must be agreed by AUB prior to commencement of the project.


4.2 Refer to section 5 for investment details and payment schedule.

(5) Investment

5.1 BFS Funding Futures will not pay any funding or provide in-kind support until it has received a completed copy (signed) of the funding agreement and any conditions precedent to that agreement have been satisfied or waived by BFS Funding Futures.

5.2 BFS Funding Futures will release the cash award in two stages; 90% prior to production, 10% upon completion. Payment is subject to the awardee meeting the required deliverables at each stage as set by the funding agreement.

5.3 The number of awards made by BFS Funding Futures is at its discretion.

5.4 BFS Funding Futures will publicise the award(s) made. This information will include the name of the successful applicant, award amount, project name and project details.

5.5 BFS Funding Futures must be the sole funding body, however additional third party sources of finance, match funding and sponsorship is permitted and should be stated in the application.

(6) Assessment & Schedule

6.1 After the closing date, a Selection Panel will select up to 5 projects to shortlist for the Funding Award. Feedback for unsuccessful applicants is not guaranteed and, if given, at the discretion of Funding Futures.

6.2 The shortlisted entrants will be invited to an online interview. The Lead Team as identified in the application will be expected to pitch their idea to the Awarding Panel and discuss the project in more detail.

6.3 At each stage of assessment, the panel(s) will be judging the applicants and projects with the following criteria:

  • Scripts no longer than 12 pages

  • Original Fiction works only

  • Ideas that demonstrate inclusivity of a range of Bournemouth Film School courses/disciplines

  • Projects that include teams that are inclusive of a range of Bournemouth Film School courses/disciplines

  • Originality & Innovation – The Project demonstrates ingenuity when utilising the range of BFS disciplines & technologies to tell stories that capture audiences’ imaginations in a fresh way

  • Community & Diversity – The Project reverberates at its core an emphasis on engaging with a diverse range of people in the making and telling of the film as well as a spotlight on voices & stories we need to hear now

  • Viability & Sustainability – The Project is achievable and considered with its impact and footprint on the plane


6.4 The decision of the Awarding Panel is final.

6.5 The below timeline is an indication of key milestones agreed with the winner and BFS Funding Futures. This is not in any way binding upon BFS Funding Futures:

(7) Format

7.1 The Award Winner will meet the delivery materials and specifications as set by the BFS Funding Futures Funding Agreement.

7.2 As a major fund holder BFS Funding Futures will require front & end credit on all versions of the completed film, to be agreed by the Producer and BFS Funding Futures.

(8) Ownership

8.1 The Lead Applicant & Lead Team must be the originator/rights holder of the script they are submitting. The Script/Premise must be an Original Work which does not infringe on the rights of any third-party person, firm or company.

8.2 The script must not be currently under consideration by any other production company, investor, funding scheme, developer or similar.


8.3 The Lead Applicant & Lead Team must not have sold, granted or assigned any right, title or interest in their script/premise and the Lead Applicant(s) guarantees there are no legal encumbrances on the submitted script/premise of any kind.


8.4 The Lead Applicant & Lead Team must confirm that they are not aware of any matters, facts or circumstances which could lead to any claims, proceedings or litigation or other allegation of infringement, in respect of their Script/Premise.

8.5 Bournemouth Film School at Arts University Bournemouth will have the rights in perpetuity to copy, reproduce, exhibit and/or exploit the delivered film as defined in the Funding Agreement.

(9) Jurisdiction

9.1 These terms and conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

Payment Methods
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