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IT Girl

Logline: An autistic woman navigates office politics, a broken server, and neurotypical behaviour in her new job.

Fund:        Alumni Fund - Round 2 - 2023 

Awarded:  Tom Abbosh & Ria Lina
Location:   London (various) 

Status:       Post-Production


Stills Photography: Samantha Davis


what our students say about the alumni project...

"My experience working on the ‘IT Girl’ production and observing professional alumni with multiple years of experience now under their belts, has provided me with not only new skills and a better understanding of production, but also an optimism about my future in the industry. Funding Futures is a brilliant initiative that I truly hope will continue to help and prepare BFS students for work in the industry long after I have graduated!"


Crew (Alumni)

Director: Ria Lina      

Writer: Ria Lina
1st AD: Harry Guttridge

DOP: Joe Bor
1st AC: Milo Mulvagh
Editor: Francesco Martinuzzi
VFX Supervisor: Megan Thomas

VFX: Harry Tombs, Oktawia Sokalska,

Jacob Newport

Section Title

Producer(s): Tom Abbosh 
Executive Producer(s): Jonathan Carr, Will Shutt 

Production Designer: Rory Courtauld

PD Assistant: Toby Muir

Makeup Artist: Annabel Smith

Sound - Rufus Ambler



Ren: Ria Lina

JP: Gary Reimer

Tom: Keith Franan

Emily: Choloé Zeitounian

Sophie: Anneka Gouldbourne

Katherine: Shalaka Kurup


Crew & Cast

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