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Logline: At the height of summer, two rowdy young boys spend the afternoon tearing through the countryside. But when they come across an electric fence a competitive game sparks something unexpected within them. 

Fund:        Alumni Fund - Round 1 - 2022 

Awarded:  Ellie Rogers & Peter Riches 
Location:   London (various) 

Status:       Complete - Festival Circuit 


Listen to 'Chickenshit' Interview:

Interview - Ellie Rogers & Peter RichesBFS
00:00 / 35:30

Stills Photography: Khuram Mirza


what our students say about the alumni project...

"The project is really sweet and I love the calm and gentle aesthetic to the outdoors location which matched with the LGBTQ+ narrative themes and showing young people exploring their sexuality is something which needs to be shown more!"

what our students say about the alumni project...

Naomi HS.jpeg

Naomi Smith
2nd AD

"As a very fresh graduate being trusted with a role on set was an amazing opportunity, and to work with a new team and to feel valued by them was a great transition into the film industry. But my experience on Chickenshit went beyond just being a crew member. Working out on location, learning from professionals in the crew and gaining contacts, as well as witnessing new roles such as intimacy coordination. Also having a film credit on my CV that wasn’t a “student film” and to have references for future jobs. 


Ellie was a dream Director to work with, and for her to back me up as I took a step out into the world of freelancing was priceless, starting my career with an established network that I could build on top."


Crew (Alumni)

Director: Ellie Rogers       

Writer: Charlie Tidmas
1st AD: Conor Joyce

2nd AD: Naomi Smith

DOP: Peter Riches
1st AC: Andrea Clavijo 
2nd AC: Nico di Matteo

Camera Trainee: Nadia Pond
DIT: Iacovos Le Du
Editor: Alex McNeill

Colourist: Jack Kibbey Newman
VFX: Harry Davidson
Stills Photogtapher: Khuram Mirza


Section Title

Producer(s):  Iria Pizania, Ellie Rogers 
Executive Producer(s): Jonathan Carr, Will Shutt 

Production Assistant: Hannah Smith-Rogers, Emmanouel Tzevelekakis

Production Designer: Eliandro Monteiro

PD Assistant: Rose Collis

Makeup Artist: Tali Rinkoff

Sound - Mercer MacWilliam Hughes



Nat: Fraizer Atterbury  

Rhys: Raphael Vicas


Crew & Cast

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