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Logline: At the height of summer, two rowdy young boys spend the afternoon tearing through the countryside. But when they come across an electric fence a competitive game sparks something unexpected within them. 

Fund:        Alumni Fund - Round 1 - 2022 

Awarded:  Ellie Rogers & Peter Riches 
Location:   London (various) 

Status:       Complete - Festival Circuit 


Listen to 'Chickenshit' Interview:

Interview - Ellie Rogers & Peter RichesBFS
00:00 / 35:30

Stills Photography: Khuram Mirza


what our students say about the alumni project...

"The project is really sweet and I love the calm and gentle aesthetic to the outdoors location which matched with the LGBTQ+ narrative themes and showing young people exploring their sexuality is something which needs to be shown more!"


Crew (Alumni)

Director: Ellie Rogers       

Writer: Charlie Tidmas
1st AD: Conor Joyce

2nd AD: Naomi Smith

DOP: Peter Riches
1st AC: Andrea Clavijo 
2nd AC: Nico di Matteo

Camera Trainee: Nadia Pond
DIT: Iacovos Le Du
Editor: Alex McNeill

Colourist: Jack Kibbey Newman
VFX: Harry Davidson
Stills Photogtapher: Khuram Mirza


Section Title

Producer(s):  Iria Pizania, Ellie Rogers 
Executive Producer(s): Jonathan Carr, Will Shutt 

Production Assistant: Hannah Smith-Rogers, Emmanouel Tzevelekakis

Production Designer: Eliandro Monteiro

PD Assistant: Rose Collis

Makeup Artist: Tali Rinkoff

Sound - Mercer MacWilliam Hughes



Nat: Fraizer Atterbury  

Rhys: Raphael Vicas


Crew & Cast

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