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with a Twist

Logline: A talented footballer must come to terms with his identity, when his secret passion for Voguing collides with his teammates’ disapproval. 

Fund:        Alumni Fund - Round 1 - 2022 

Awarded:  David Giles, Charlie Jenkins 
Location:   London (various) 

Status:        Complete - Festival Circuit 


Stills Photography: Luke Mortimer, Dimitri Whitaker
Cameron Rozard


what our students say about the alumni project...

Rose Collis_edited.jpg

Rose Collis

Art Dept Assistant

"The Production Designer I worked with on [Realness with a Twist] was Gareth Sprey, who is now Art Directing the new Lord of the Rings TV series - it was mind-boggling to meet him and work with him! The experience also gave me a lot of assurance that these people have been out in industry for 15 years and they’re still figuring things out. It led to me feeling confident to apply for stuff that I haven’t done before"


Crew (Alumni)

Director: Cass Virdee   

Writer: Cass Virdee , David Giles 

DOP: Charlie Jenkins
1st AC: George Phull, Bernat Venturahortal

2nd AC: Joana Caiano
DIT: Cameron Rozard
Gaffer: Josh Green
Spark: Harry Woolridge
Steadicam: Tom Barber 

Sound Mixer: Rajan Thandie

Boom Op: Nathaniel Turner de Carvalho
Editor: Lesley Posso
Online Editor: Aiden Tobin

Supervising Sound Editor: Jacob Stripp

Composer: Joanna Karselis
VFX Supervisor: Martin Sandahl


Simon: Warren Kenzo

Les: Karteer


Section Title

Producer(s): David Giles, Maria Salcher

Executive Producer(s): Luke Mortimer, Will Shutt, Jonathan Carr, Royston Gooden

Production Designer: Gareth Sprey

Art Dept Assistant: Rose Collis, Leanne Osborne
Costume Designer: Adam Dee

Costume Supervisor: Henry Pan

Costume Standby: Mia Zillwood-Hunt

Makeup Designer: Laura Mcdowell

Makeup Artist: Amelia Bazzone

1st AD: Liza Van Fer Smissen

3rd AD: Lyra Fewins, Jordan Diver 

Additional 3rd AD: Tam Lai, Issy Pritchard Smith, Aston PD Brain

Stunt Coordinator: Tom Cotton

Production Driver: Dean Lamb
Runner Driver: Jake Mason

Minibus Driver: Spencer Collins


Crew & Cast

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