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with a Twist

Logline: A talented footballer must come to terms with his identity, when his secret passion for Voguing collides with his teammates’ disapproval. 

Fund:        Alumni Fund - Round 1 - 2022 

Awarded:  David Giles, Charlie Jenkins 
Location:   London (various) 

Status:        Complete - Festival Circuit 


Stills Photography: Luke Mortimer, Dimitri Whitaker
Cameron Rozard


what our students say about the alumni project...

"The message and story that is being told in this film is so important. I believe that there needs to be more representation of the LGBTQ+ community on screen."


Crew (Alumni)

Director: Cass Virdee   

Writer: Cass Virdee , David Giles 

DOP: Charlie Jenkins
1st AC: George Phull, Bernat Venturahortal

2nd AC: Joana Caiano
DIT: Cameron Rozard
Gaffer: Josh Green
Spark: Harry Woolridge
Steadicam: Tom Barber 

Sound Mixer: Rajan Thandie

Boom Op: Nathaniel Turner de Carvalho
Editor: Lesley Posso
Online Editor: Aiden Tobin

Supervising Sound Editor: Jacob Stripp

Composer: Joanna Karselis
VFX Supervisor: Martin Sandahl


Simon: Warren Kenzo

Les: Karteer


Section Title

Producer(s): David Giles, Maria Salcher

Executive Producer(s): Luke Mortimer, Will Shutt, Jonathan Carr, Royston Gooden

Production Designer: Gareth Sprey

Art Dept Assistant: Rose Collis, Leanne Osborne
Costume Designer: Adam Dee

Costume Supervisor: Henry Pan

Costume Standby: Mia Zillwood-Hunt

Makeup Designer: Laura Mcdowell

Makeup Artist: Amelia Bazzone

1st AD: Liza Van Fer Smissen

3rd AD: Lyra Fewins, Jordan Diver 

Additional 3rd AD: Tam Lai, Issy Pritchard Smith, Aston PD Brain

Stunt Coordinator: Tom Cotton

Production Driver: Dean Lamb
Runner Driver: Jake Mason

Minibus Driver: Spencer Collins


Crew & Cast

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