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of Mine

Logline: In the midst of a tragedy, David is faced with a burden he can’t quite grasp.

Fund:                     Pathfinder Fund 

Funding Partners:  BFI Network
Awarded:               Ike Newman, Jesse Lewis-Reece
Location:                London (various) 

Status:                      Complete - Festival Circuit 


Stills Photography: Issac Newman

_DSC2177 (1).jpg

Jesse Lewis-Reece on 'Mother of Mine' inspiration...

"The birth of the idea that became the screenplay for the film was born out of my own personal  experience of suddenly losing my mother in the fall of 2021, this obviously had a huge impact on  myself and my family, particularly my dad , I wanted to explore the feelings of onset grief, the immediate after-effects of losing someone, an element Ifelt less explored in art and cinema than grief over a substantial period of time."

_DSC2229 (1).jpg

Crew (Alumni)

Director: Jesse Lewis-Reece 

Writer: Jesse Lewis-Reece 

DOP: Evangelos Polychronopoulos

Camera Operator: Jacob Gerrard
1st AC: Jon Wetherhall, Nicolas Waldvogel

2nd AC: Toby Norman
Gaffer: Al Rice
Electrician: Marcus Kartal, Hannah Grinham

BFS Electrician: Jeff Yeung, Solar Buckler 

Sound Mixer: Ben Schwilmler 

Boom Op: Nathaniel Turner de Carvalho
Editor: Jesse Lewis-Reece

Sound Designer & Composer: Oliver Mapp
Stills Photography: Isaac Newman


David: Robert Webb

Tara: Phoebe Naughton

Section Title

Producer(s): Ike Newman, Maria Moss

Executive Producer(s): Will Shutt, Jonathan Carr, Thomas Whightman

Unit Production Manager: Ethan Modder, Fateh Khaled

Production Designer: Eve Finnie, Freddie Burrows 

Art Dept Assistant: Kitty Finnie
Costume Designer: Keeley Scothern 

Costume Assistant: Gwyneth Atkinson Lynch

Hair & Makeup Designer: Ella Maguire 

Makeup Supervisor: Evangeline Kelly Tarrant 

1st AD: Ike Newman

2nd AD: Jay Jones

Set PA: Juste Rutkauskaite, Lillie Ryan

Location Manager: Ellliot Beech

Location Scout: Laura Monk

Location Assistant: Jeffery Wheeler

Casting Director: Sue O'Dell

Assistant to Producer: Anna Vallius


Crew & Cast
Pathfnder Fund

Pathfinder Fund 

The 'Pathfinder Fund' is a newly established rolling fund with the aim to recognise outstanding achievements, support projects of an elevated profile, champion noteworthy causes and help filmmakers with a clear trajectory to a debut or second feature film or series. Both Fiction and Non-Fiction projects are considered.

What we did in our Pilot round

In the development of this Fund we made the decision to support an exemplar project.

The filmmakers behind 'Mother of Mine' received a BAFTA nomination and critical acclaim for their last short film 'Eyelash', secured funding from the British Film Institute to make 'Mother of Mine' and attached outstanding talent on and off the screen. 

It was clear that this project would significantly contribute to the final steps towards a debut feature for the filmmakers. 

When will the Fund open? 

We aim to launch the rolling 'Pathfinder Fund' in the autumn of 2023.

Who can apply? 

The scheme will be open to writer/director/producer teams that can be made up of Bournemouth Film School (BFS) alumni and non-alumni or all alumni. 

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